“A Must-Read For Anyone Wishing to Explore the World of Health Through Meditation”

~ Dr. Lucia Dunn, Professor of Economics, Ohio State University

Marrying carefully documented evidence with the art of storytelling, The Mindful Practice of Falun Gong takes the reader behind the scenes to explore the health and wellness effects of the Falun Gong meditation practice.

Described by The Epoch Times as “the science behind Falun Gong,” the book presents the results of more than 13 years of academic research, including the author’s Australian survey—a doctoral study, and the first empirical study of its kind—investigating Falun Gong’s impact on health-wellness in everyday life.

Drawing from a labyrinth of research findings and on-going study, the author weaves facts from academic inquiry with the compelling story of one woman’s journey from crippling injury to wellness with Falun Gong.

The book heralds the author’s Hearts Uplifted project—a longitudinal study that tracks the lived experiences of individuals whose lives have been profoundly touched and transformed by the ancient meditation practice.

It also helps the reader to understand Falun Gong in a global context, making sense of the baffling situation often reported in the press.


“A timely publication! This is the first empirical study on the health effects of Falun Gong with a diverse sample outside China. The author clearly articulates the unique benefits of Falun Gong in addressing its health-wellness effects.”

Dr. Maria Cheung, Associate Professor of Social Work,
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

“This book helps the reader understand the baffling situation reported widely in the press. Dr. Margaret Trey presents some very convincing evidence of the health, healing, and stress-relieving benefits of this ancient Chinese exercise and meditation practice. Relating first-hand experiences of Falun Gong practitioners together with results from a scientific study in an engaging style, Dr. Trey paints a comprehensive view of the practice and its posit

ive effects on wellness. A must-read for anyone wishing to explore the world of health through meditation practices beyond the traditional yoga class.”

Dr. Lucia Dunn, Professor of Economics, Ohio State University

“I loved reading the book. If you’re interested in the benefits of meditation and want to learn about the Falun Gong way, this is a great book. If you know little about meditative approaches to health, and want more than an uncritical ‘Gee-Whiz’ credulous approach, then this rigorous overview of Falun Gong illuminated with some anecdote is the book for you.”

Dr. Michael O’Connor, Associate Dean at Severn Postgraduate Medical Education,
Practicing Coach, and Specialist in Pain Management. Bristol, UK

“I will confirm that The Mindful Practice of Falun Gong now provides many people with the opportunity to become acquainted with Falun Gong in a ‘socially factual’ manner–surpassing the innuendo and superstition that has plagued so many mind-body practices.”

Dr. Heather Mattner, Health Psychologist, Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Adelaide, South Australia.

About The Author


Dr. Margaret Trey

Sarawak-born Australian, Dr. Margaret M. Trey lives in New York, with her mirthful Italian-speaking German-born husband who plays the French horn. Besides writing, she navigates DIY adventures tackling never-ending repairs in their half-renovated home. M. M. Trey completed her English major at The University of Toronto (Canada) and counselor training from The University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. Curiosity and passion for antiquated wisdom enthused her to train in traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu, Indian and Okido yoga, the yin-yang macrobiotic way of life, and Vipassana meditation—before practicing Falun Gong. Personal lineage (her Chinese grandfather being a 19th Century Taoist cultivator) plus belief in mind-body-spirit connection inspire M. M. Trey’s integrated approach toward helping others.